they're okay folks

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TagsDating Sim, flickgame, Furry, lizard


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Ahhh, this was adorable! I'm actually really interested in trying to make something with this engine since it seems tailor made for good goofs. 

yesss you totally should!!! it was super quick and easy, one of the funnest, densest game making experiences i've had!


people don't know this, there's a "secret" if you activate a certain "action" :-)


need a hint? try using "sword" on "homieboon"


game of the year


I can't see the other ending because I can't get myself not to kiss them >_<


Adorable and perfect


How do i get the good ending


press the 'close tab' button at just the right moment

this is the good ending


*AO3 user voice* major Character death