controls: arrow keys

made for nonbinary game jam
credit to ruune for music, illustration, and concept guidance
extra thanks to ruune, thursday, dyl, and the bitsy discord community
non-twinkling version  available for download

Made withBitsy


empedocles bones (non-twinkling edition) 3 MB

Development log


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Woah, this is the most gorgeous and atmospheric game I've played in a while and it's extra effective through it's simplicity. A lot of effort must have gone into the writing, it's gorgeously worded and has the most lovely twists and turns. I'm hoping to see more games from you in the future :)

"The words that persist are those that will make it straighter rectilinear, not all crooked and porous."

This is a very cool backdrop for an essay and I love the slightly purple prose! With the short staccato of bitsy dialogs, it definitely feels like something an agora philosopher is shouting at you, which is *chef's kiss*. The music and aesthetic are also just great.

This is amazing!! I love the tone, the music, the art - and of course, I love that the question most asked is "What is a dragon?" :D

Wow this is sooo nice! I loved the text anmd contaent and the graphics are just beautiful!

LORD this is SO GOOD

The tone is amazing, the narrative is beautiful, and the subtlety of pushing (figuratively and literally) boundaries is absolutely stunning.  Incredible!


Blown away by the elegance of this submission. The non-binary theme adds a very important context to this.


A very interesting experience with messages about dichotomy, and how many people in the world often view it as order, where it truly just restricts when it has been woven into society. At least, that's what I came out thinking about. I thought it was definitely powerful and intriguing, I would love to see more done with this sort of narrative style!