Gengen is a generator of naming languages for fantasy worlds. Each language generated in Gengen has its own set of phonological rules and statistics and therefore its own unique sound, producing names that feel phonetically similar to each other, but distinct from those produced by the next language.

Gengen is presently in its proof-of-concept phase and is awaiting further updates to improve language regularity, prosody, distinctness, and overall feeling. Stay tuned for more!

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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TagsGenerator, linguistics, Procedural Generation

Development log


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Hi it's down currently, also can't add you on discord sadly.

whoops! thanks for letting me know. it should be back up now - let me know if there are any further issues.

Are you still working on the server? It still seems down for me.

yeah, it's still down for now, i haven't had a chance to finish the work that needed doing. hoping to take some time in june to set things in order again. my apologies for the inconvenience!


Any Progress? You may wish to take the page down until you fix it.

you may have a point. i'll take a look at this again and see how much work it needs, and if it looks like it's a ways off, i'll take the page down for a bit. thanks for your patience

hey, it's back up! thanks for your patience. 

Thank you for looking into it.

Currently, the name tab only shows. Is this intentional?

yep! there was a second tab in a previous version that displayed a little extra data about the language on the whole, but i did something clumsy and lost the code that compiled it, so i've just taken it out for now. it was pretty rudimentary anyway. i hope to have something more robust in a future version. until then, just the one tab