originally made for the Gardens of Vextro chain game anthology. this is a standalone version you can play in your browser - but note that it exists in conversation with the other games in the chain, so consider checking out the full compilation for additional perspective.

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Made withEasyRPG
TagsExperimental, Exploration, Furry, geography, navigation, Walking simulator


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I have played this thrice now (twice as part of the antholoy and once here), and it is such a wonderful experience! My two favorite parts are the names of the swords, and how traveling through mountains *feels* like traveling through mountains within the framework of the mechanics of this game. Your worldbuilding and map making is so superb. Always love your entries into the game universe!

Once I finish playing all the anthology games I am going to leave a comment there, but I really wanted to touch on this. Your work is incredible and I am always in admiration of it! <3