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Swords in Cyril

Swords in Cyril is a Final Fantasy Tactics Advance battle simulator in which you can build your own clan and battle other folks' over the internet. Inspired by the likes of Pokémon NetBattle, Swords in Cyril recreates the combat mechanics of FFTA to provide the all-out player-versus-player experience notably missing from the original game.

As of April 2017, Swords in Cyril is considered fully playable, but updates are still planned to implement a few missing features and improve polish and user experience. Swords in Cyril doesn't have an active community right now, but we do have a Discord server, so if you're looking for an Engagement, your best bet is to drop in and say hi!

Note that Swords in Cyril requires Java 1.7 in order to run. Only tested on Windows.

Special thanks to TFergusson for their FFTA Mechanics Guide and to Darthatron for their FFTA All-In-One Editor, without which an accurate approximation of the game's systems could not have been produced.

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TagsFangame, Strategy RPG, Versus


Swords in Cyril 0.9.6.zip 4 MB


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omg ive been playing final fantasy tactics advance a lot and this is so fun
bug report
using smile on petrified unit breaks the game
add an option for notification beep or something when it is your turn
im gnomegnemesis btw